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Dianne Thomas

Dianne ThomasDianne ThomasDianne Thomas

I'm a Detroit-based writer whose work has appeared in Octavo, Flashquake, The Threepenny Review, and other online and print publications.


This website offers free reading of my fiction, poetry, vignettes, and more.  

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This Week's Highlight


Primal Sleep

Before there were beds

my ancestor lay down to sleep

on soft earth and layers of leaves

that yielded to the weight of

an unfamiliar body

Before there were pillows

my ancestor lowered a weary head

onto one strong, supportive arm

and felt the rhythm of pulsing blood

already ancient in its origin

Before there were lullabies

my ancestor listened to the voices of night

and understood the messages of

rushing wind and rustling leaves

and creature calls into the darkness

Before there were dreams

my ancestor entered a secret realm

of unconnected images and sounds

creating a twisted new reality

that vanished with the dawn

Before there were alarm clocks

my ancestor opened fresh eyes to the new day

certain of the pleasures and terrors it would bring

then rose to stand upright on two feet

and walk unquestioningly into the world

Links to Published Works



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the idea of going to the party, but 

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They would sit in straight-backed chairs and drink coffee at a table

he had made from old boards  

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I don’t think I really wanted to date Joe. Hanging out with a group was fine. But just the two of us ... 

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