Dianne Thomas

I'm a Detroit-based writer whose work has appeared in Octavo, Flashquake, The Threepenny Review, and other online and print publications.


This website offers free reading of my fiction, poetry, vignettes, and more.  

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This Week's Highlight


Variations in Darkness

We travel the two-lane road for the first time tonight. You drive. Too tired to sit upright, I recline in the seat beside you. 

“It’s as black as pitch,” you say. I know you mean the night. The words are automatic, spilling from your lips without thought as you look across the moonless, starless sky. 

Maybe it’s true, about the blackness. I can’t tell because I have closed my eyes. I know I won’t sleep, but all the miles of looking at this road have exhausted me. Instead of looking I imagine the landscape.

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Links to Published Works



Published by Flashquake

Intensities of IV or Less  

Short Stories

The Life of the Party

She thought about just giving up on

the idea of going to the party, but 

when she considered alternatives ...

Memoir & More

 The Talking Wall

Everyone agreed about where the wall came from. It was what was left of an old grocery store... 

Dance without Song

Published by Banshee

What's Left

Published by Alsop Review

Sunday Morning

They would sit in straight-backed chairs and drink coffee at a table

he had made from old boards  

Previously published by Flashquake

My Dinner with Joe 

I don’t think I really wanted to date Joe. Hanging out with a group was fine. But just the two of us ... 

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